What We Offer

Which coastal protection investment provides better value for money, a sea-dike, or artificial dunes? Could we avoid investing in building water infrastructure by maintaining forests and wetlands?  How will different stormwater infrastructure options deal with more extreme rainfall? Could agroforestry help farmers adapt to climate change? How could NBI improve the efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant?   

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Questions like these come up around the world when investors and policy-makers need to make decisions on infrastructure. The NBI Resource Centre can help to make informed decisions that consider diverse project risks and benefits. We provide integrated economic and financial assessments on the value of nature-based infrastructure and analyze how your project can benefit from adding or replacing it with a nature-based solution.    

All stakeholders involved in infrastructure projects are welcome. 

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What kind of projects are we looking for?

NBI projects or grey-built projects that can be enhanced or redesigned by the Global Resource Centre.

This includes:  

  • Natural ecosystems or working landscapes that can be conserved, rehabilitated and maintained to enhance capabilities and reduce the necessity for grey infrastructure.  
  • Hybrid infrastructure that combines engineered and nature-based solutions.  

Submissions are open to projects in various stages and can be put forward by private, public, or civil society entities. 

What We offer


In working with the NBI Global Resource Centre, you can expect: 

  • A thorough and unique assessment of an NBI project  
  • Capacity building  
  • Interactive, participative discussions  
  • A discussion webinar  
  • A concluding technical report

The NBI Global Resource Centre expects project proponents to be hands-on and collaborate with us on their projects.  


The Steering Committee of the NBI Resource Centre will meet twice per year to select the projects we will assess. Applications are welcome on a rolling basis and we will provide preliminary feedback within 1 month. An assessment will typically take 3 to 4 months. 

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