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The NBI Global Resource Centre is looking for leaders of change to help build a more sustainable future through nature-based infrastructure projects. Public, private, and civil society entities with NBI projects are encouraged to apply as a proponent. 

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What we are looking for

We are interested in nature-based infrastructure (NBI) projects, including: 

  • Natural ecosystems that can be conserved, rehabilitated, and maintained to deliver infrastructure services and other co-benefits, and either reduce the need to build grey infrastructure or improve its efficiency. 
  • Hybrid infrastructure, also referred to as grey-green infrastructure, that combines engineered and nature-based solutions.  

Projects can be put forward by public, private, and civil society entities. Projects can be in the early design stage, planning stage, or implementation stage. 

Preference will be given to: 

  • Projects in developing countries and areas that are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change 
  • Projects that can impact policy changes 
  • Projects that have significant potential to be implemented, financed, or scaled-up as a consequence of the NBI assessment 
  • Project partners that can provide co-funding or in-kind contributions (e.g. data collection) to the NBI valuation