The NBI Global Resource Centre

Building with nature for a better future

Our vision is a sustainable world where we build with nature to protect our future.

Rainforest of the island of Borneo

Our Mission

The NBI Global Resource Centre aims to bring together key partners to establish a business case for Nature-Based Infrastructure (NBI). We provide data, training, and sector-specific valuations based on the latest innovations in systems thinking and financial modelling.  

Our Approach

The complexity of NBI requires us to take a systemic approach when we plan, value, and implement infrastructure projects. It is also essential to exchange knowledge and collaborate with partners in the field.    

Our work quantifies the positive impact of stewardship activities on ecosystems and demonstrates the cost efficiency of NBI.  

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The NBI Global Resource Centre seeks to:   

  • Improve the predictability of how well NBI will perform through more than 40 customized valuations globally.   
  • Provide access to data on the performance of NBI through a new online database.   
  • Strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to understand and value NBI through a Massive Open Online Course and customized training.   
  • Connect and build constructive partnerships. 

If you are interested in collaborating with us to develop customized valuations of your NBI projects, get in touch.   

NBI valuations around the world