Online Training Course About Nature-Based Infrastructure

This course aims to empower policy-makers, infrastructure planners, and investors to understand the economic and financial performance of NBI as well as its co-benefits in comparison with “built” or “grey” infrastructure.

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The course consists of five thematic modules, namely:

  1. Introduction to nature-based infrastructure
  2. Infrastructure planning and NBI
  3. Systems thinking and system dynamics models for NBI
  4. Climate data and spatial modelling for NBI
  5. Financing NBI

This course illustrates how to make a case for investing in and maintaining NBI. With this knowledge, it is expected that policy-makers, infrastructure planners, and investors will be better equipped to make informed decisions about infrastructure investments and climate adaptation. You can find more information in this course description.

Five modules of the NBI online training course


The training program is free and combines self-paced materials as well as interactive online sessions.

Participants can complete the course modules at their own pace or sign up for the 5-week guided program that combines self-paced learning with live sessions.

Self-paced learning

Every module consists of three kinds of self-paced materials:

  • A PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the main course
  • Short video presentations by experts from the NBI Global Resource Centre
  • Miscellaneous digital resources

We suggest participants plan for 4 hours per module when taking the course at their own pace.

Live program

In addition, interactive online sessions spread out over 5 weeks will take place twice a year. We expect to run two live sessions of 90 minutes per module that will gather NBI experts and participants from around the world.

During these live sessions, participants will be able to ask questions, exchange experiences with a peer group, and dive deeper into the topics through interactive exercises in small groups.

The next 5-week guided program is planned in September 2023. The online sessions will likely take place at 3 p.m. CEST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please send an email to

A certificate of participation will be provided upon completion of the 5-week program.


NBI Online Training Course is free of cost, and has self-paced materials and interactive online sessions


Gain valuable insights and skills that will enable you to:

  • Be empowered with knowledge and tools for better infrastructure decision making and take decisions at a systems level while advancing nature-based infrastructure as a climate adaptation solution.
  • Understand and measure the benefits, risks, and trade-offs of nature-based infrastructure.
  • Understand the importance of systemic thinking for infrastructure planning, implementation, and financing strategies.
  • Communicate persuasively and effectively with stakeholders to help make a case for nature-based infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with peers around the world and become a member of the NBI Global Resource Centre alumni.