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Title: Investing in natural infrastructure for a shared future for all life

This article mentions the NBI Global Resource Centre report on “How Can Investment in Nature Close the Infrastructure Gap?

Platform: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Title: The Multiple Benefits of the Hondsbossche and Pettemer sea dunes, valued by IISD through the SAVi methodology

This article mentions the SAVi valuation of the Hondsbossche and Pettermer sea dune, Netherland in collaboration with IADC.

Platform: The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC)


Title : Invest in nature and reap cash benefits, World Economic Forum urges cities

This article mentions the NBI Global Resource Centre

Platform: Reuters Foundation

Type: Article

Date Published: 16 January 2022


Title: Message to mayors: cities need nature

This article mentions the NBI Global Resource Centre

Platform: Nature

Type: Article

Date published: 17 January 2022


Title: BiodiverCities by 2030: Transforming Cities’ Relationship with Nature

This report mentions the NBI Global Resource Centre on page 15

Platform: World Economic Forum

Type: Report

Date Published: January 2022


Title: BiodiverCities: how infrastructure could transform the urban relationship with nature

Platform: World Economic Forum

Type: Article

Date Published: January 17, 2022


Title: Nature-based solutions and global climate protection

Platform: Umwelt bundesamt

Type: Policy Paper

Date Published: January, 2022


Title: ‘Natural infrastructure’ could save billions a year in climate crisis response

This article mentions the NBI Global Resource Centre

Outlet: The Guardian

Date Published: October 25, 2021 


Title: Turning infrastructure green offers huge savings on top of climate benefits

This article mentions the NBI Global Resource Centre

Outlet: Reuters

Date Published: October 25, 2021 


Title: Enabling nature-based solutions crucial to tackling planetary crisis

Outlet: CGTN 

Date Published: September 10, 2021 


Title: What will green infrastructure mean for a post-covid world? 

Outlet: New York Times 

Date Published: September 8, 2021 


Title: Managing climate risk will be rewarded with better economic outcomes

Outlet: The Globe and Mail 

Date Published: August 22, 2021 


Title: Why investing in nature-based solutions is necessary

Outlet: The Hindu 

Date Published: August 6, 2021 


Title: Nature-based solutions 

Outlet: iPolitics 

Date Published: August 3, 2021 


Title: Nature-based solutions hold the key to transform our cities into resilient spaces 

Outlet: Mongabay 

Date Published: July 30, 2021 


Title: What if extreme flooding submerges a chemical plant or snarls traffic? Cities can and must shore up for climate change now, says report 

Outlet: Market Watch 

Date Published: July 20, 2021 


Title: The Climate Change and Infrastructure Crises Are Interconnected 

Outlet: Teen Vogue 

Date Published: July 19, 2021 


Title: 31 cities commit to green infrastructure targets 

Outlet: Cities Today 

Date Published: July 13, 2021 


Title: Natural landscapes key to Canadian cities, rural areas for building climate resilience, experts say 

Outlet: CBC 

Date Published: July 12, 2021 


Title: Protecting Nature Could Avert Global Economic Losses of $2.7 Trillion Per Year 

Outlet: World Bank 

Date Published: July 1, 2021 


Title: Extreme Events: Ecosystems Offer Cost-Effective Protection 

Outlet: Phys.org 

Date Published: June 30, 2021 


Title: The Trillion Dollar Climate Finance Challenge (And Opportunity) 

Outlet: UN News

Date Published: June 27, 2021 


Title: Platform Calculates Green Infrastructure ROI

Outlet: Cities Today

Date Published: June 22, 2021 


Title: Natural Infrastructure Can Boost the Post-Pandemic Recovery 

Outlet: Triple Pundit

Date Published: June 21, 2021 


Title: How to Close the Sustainable Infrastructure Gap 

Outlet: Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF)

Date Published: June 15, 2021 


Title: Climate and Nature Crises: Solve Both or Solve Neither, Say Experts 

Outlet: The Guardian

Date Published: June 10, 2021 


Title: World Must Rewild on Massive Scale to Heal Nature and Climate, Says UN 

Outlet: The Guardian

Date Published: June 3, 2021 


Title: World Needs USD 8.1 Trillion Investment in Nature by 2050 to Tackle Triple Planetary Crisis 

Outlet: UN Environment Program

Date Published: May 27, 2021 


Title: Investors and Businesses Urged to Address $700bn Nature-Based Solutions Finance Gap 

Outlet: Edie

Date Published: May 20, 2021 


Title: The American Jobs Plan is a Chance to Reimagine Nature as Infrastructure 

Outlet: The Hill 

Date Published: May 15, 2021 


Title: Three Ways We Can Use Nature To Cool The Planet—If We Act Fast 

Outlet: Forbes 

Date Published: May 12, 2021 


Title: Why Now is the Time to Turn Climate Promises into Climate Action 

Outlet: World Economic Forum 

Date Published: May 10, 2021 


Title: Putting Wetlands to Work for Disaster Recovery 

Outlet: Audubon 

Date Published: April 27, 2021