Our work will provide:  

  • An improved track record on the performance of NBI as a whole
  • An accurate evidence base to compare NBI with grey-built infrastructure
  • A better identification of potential revenue streams that may contribute to the financing of NBI 

These outcomes will showcase the environmental, economic and social dimensions of nature-based infrastructure. This is a win-win for tackling pressing sustainability challenges while generating real economic benefits.

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Beneficiary Partners: What do they say?

This document is timely and should be an important tool for our institution for dialogue and to help the State, elected officials and populations, in a framework of social balance by taking into account the environmental, economic and social dimension. For us, it will be a win-win situation in the implementation process
Mamadou Diop Thioune, High Counsellor for Local Authorities
Local authorities have an important role to play in promoting climate change adaptation. It is important for the municipality of Welkenraedt to have a detailed analysis of the opportunities offered by agroforestry in our territory to stimulate local actors to deploy such [nature-based] infrastructure. The collaboration with IISD is a great opportunity to be able to project the future on the basis of solid scientific data in order to bring out concrete realities.
Jonathan Leruth, Coordinator of Local Policies on Energy & Climate, Municipality of Welkenraedt