Self-Guided E-Course

This self-guided online course aims to empower policy-makers, infrastructure planners, and investors to understand the economic and financial performance of NBI as well as its co-benefits in comparison with “built” or “grey” infrastructure.



E-Course learning

What will we cover?

Five modules of the NBI online training course

The course consists of five thematic modules:

  1. Introduction to nature-based infrastructure
  2. Infrastructure planning and NBI
  3. Systems thinking and system dynamics models for NBI
  4. Climate data and spatial modelling for NBI
  5. Financing NBI

In this course, you will learn how nature-based infrastructure (NBI) contributes to climate adaptation and sustainable development. You will be able to make a compelling case for NBI by explaining its economic, environmental, and social benefits, also in comparison to conventional built infrastructure. The course will explain different methods of valuing NBI and present practical case studies from around the world. With this knowledge, we hope that policy-makers, infrastructure planners, and investors will be better equipped to make informed decisions about infrastructure investments and utilizing NBI for climate adaptation and mitigation.



How does it work?

Participants can complete the course modules at their own pace, using the resources available in our self-guided E-Course.

Every thematic module includes:

  • Slide decks that explain the main course content
  • Additional materials such as reports, websites and videos

We suggest participants plan for 4 hours per module when taking the course at their own pace.