Red mangroves on Florida coast

Policy-makers and investors around the world lack authoritative data about nature-based infrastructure (NBI). Our database aims to tackle this issue by organizing and presenting data in a user-friendly way to help them find and understand the data they need to value NBI. 

The interactive database contains data about the performance and costs of NBI; the environmental, social, and governance-related externalities of infrastructure; as well as direct costs and climate risks. It consists of three types of information:

  1. Data from academic literature that we have used as inputs for our valuations. The database compiles results from studies that value social and environmental externalities in one easily accessible location. 
  2. Numbers we have calculated based on these inputs. This information improves the transparency of our assessments and, together with the inputs from the literature, can be used to verify our results. 
  3. Final outputs from NBI cost-benefit analyses, including our simulations and other studies. Decision-makers can use this information to quickly compare results across studies. 



We cover a variety of different types of NBI, such as wetlands, urban storm water infrastructure, and agroforestry. The database will be updated as we learn more in our valuations.