NBI Academy

Welcome to the NBI Academy. We offer two training courses on making a case for and valuing Nature-Based Infrastructure. This training is free of charge.





What do we cover?

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify nature-based infrastructure (NBI) and its opportunities for climate adaptation and sustainable development.
  • Make the case for NBI by explaining its potential economic, environmental, and social benefits.
  • Understand the risk profile and the climate resilience benefits of NBI compared to grey infrastructure.
  • Explain the basics of systems thinking, system dynamics models, spatial analysis, climate data and financial modelling applied to NBI.
  • Appreciate the results of integrated cost-benefit analyses for NBI.
  • Use case studies of NBI projects from across the world as context for their work.

This course was developed by the NBI Global Resource Centre to help policy-makers, infrastructure planners, and investors understand, assess, and value nature-based infrastructure. The course familiarizes participants with several tools and modelling approaches for NBI, including system dynamics, spatial modelling and financial modelling through a variety of case studies across the world. They will also learn to identify the risks and opportunities of nature-based infrastructure, in particular in comparison with “built” or “grey” infrastructure. With this knowledge, we hope that policy-makers, infrastructure planners, and investors will be better equipped to make informed decisions about infrastructure investments and utilizing NBI for climate adaptation and mitigation.

Why do this course?


This course will help you gain valuable skills and insights which will enable you to:

  • Be empowered with knowledge and tools for better infrastructure decision making and take decisions at a systems level while advancing nature-based infrastructure as a climate adaptation solution.
  • Understand and measure the benefits, risks, and trade-offs of nature-based infrastructure.
  • Understand the importance of systemic thinking for infrastructure planning, implementation, and financing strategies.
  • Communicate persuasively and effectively with stakeholders to help make a case for nature-based infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with peers around the world and become a member of the NBI Global Resource Centre alumni.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Over 2000 participants from more than 160 countries have taken the course. 98% of participants were satisfied with last year’s program, reporting that the training increased their capacity to understand, appreciate and value NBI projects and their co-benefits. Here’s what some of our past participants had to say:


This has been the best course in relation to NBI that I’ve done until now. The combination of remote classes and written material is very good, and the presenters have been excellent. It also covers a great range of things related to NBI.

– Iñigo Ruiz-Apilanez, Associate at Arup


Senior leadership and engineering professionals could benefit greatly by attending this course and learning more about what is possible in achieving positive outcomes through the implementation of NBI projects.

– Adam Schellhammer, Executive Director for Valley Conservation Council, United States